Eleven2.com review

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Review of eleven2.com, Hosting, done right!

Team of eleven2.com is made of people whose occupations may not seem directly related to web hosting. Some of them are musicians and photographers. Such variety helps company to understand that every customer is unique and should be treated according to his needs. History of the company started back in 2003 when two designers earning at Starbucks coffee shop set out as a hosting provider. One of those guys later became CEO of eleven2.com. Intentions gave their fruits. Eleven2 became global hosting company serving to customers from every corner of the world with servers located in US and UK. They care about our planet and for every new customer joining the company one tree is planted. It is a good opportunity for someone who didn’t. If They are doing it from the beginning then all trees must have turned into a whole forest.

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Justhost.com review

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Review of Justhost.com, professional Web hosting.

Justhost.com is hosting company that gives any budget restrained individuals or small businesses fully functional web hosting solutions. With Justhosting you can be sure that you are in right place for your web hosting needs. The company understands difficulties with finding cheap and at the same time reliable hosting. To make this task easy they have collected every possible information in details at company site. They see their task in providing this information and making decisions is left to customer who may not always go with this plan because there might be better opportunity somewhere else. Justhost is making top 10 reasons of why someone would choose them. Plan for shared Hosting named “Just Host” was packed with features that are counted towards those reasons. The plan comes with free domain registration, cPanel account and unlimited disk space, domain transfers, e-mail accounts as well as unlimited number of domains. The team is very proud to serve and help customers. Tech. Support is always ready and can be reached in three ways, either by phone, chat or email. Quad core Servers hosting Web sites are residing in data center equipped with UPS and Generator. The network is monitored 24/7 so no single problem will not pass but will be solved right at the time of occurrence.

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Corecommerce review

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Review of Corecommerce.com, sell products on the internet.

Corecommerce is specializing only on e-commerce by offering plans for online stores. Therefore you won’t find any kind of hosting plans there. All of the site is totally dedicated and talks only about commerce and related staff. The first thing you can do at main page is to order 15 days free trial of shopping cart for your own web site. Just press “free trial” and here you go. You will have to go through few steps. First is to fill up some data like picking user name, giving address details, phone number and then choosing web site template. Finally you get login information for your newly created web site linked to subdomain of corecommerce.com. Selection of site templates is very impressive. They vary product to product and have at least more than dozen of designs available for choosing. When you are done with web site check your e-mail where they will send links to useful information sources on how to proceed further with your site.

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Inmotionhosting.com review

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Review of inmotionhosting.com, web hosting upi can trust.

If customer support from any particular hosting provider is said as being provided at 24×7 level then there is nothing new about it. Today, it is “a must have” feature of every company in hosting industry. Inmotionhosting has outperformed competitors in this area by exceeding customer support needs. For almost 10 years they have been breaking and fixing everything related to hosting so there is no any issue or problem they don’t know about. This team stays awake days and nights to be available whenever customer calls in for the help. They assure that for any question, they have the answer and no matter if it is related to hosting or web site development. However, tutorials and guides at the support center can deliver much better training for customers who just started with their sites. There is also separate site specially created for beginners who want to build, maintain and grow web site. Topics discussed at the forums cover web languages like HTML, Perl, PHP and MySQL.

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Bluehost.com review

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Review of Bluehost.com, affordable, reliable web hosting solutions.

It is a good pleasure to be met with warmth faces smiling at you, looking from the pictures in the web page. This is how Bluehost.com is saluting visitors who came here searching for low cost hosting solutions. It is already more than millions of people opted for Bluehost to host their web sites because of up to date technology, support and facilities that holds the company apart from other competitors. Shared hosting is running in their own servers, in company owned data center with fiber network laid across nationwide area. Except of best prices the company is also providing outstanding customer services. Help staff is patient and kind and can help at any situations or problems. They apply wisdom and knowledge from back experience that was piled up throughout years of work for Bluehost. Average time you could wait for staff to get your answer is 30 seconds. Your call will not be redirected to some outsourced home based help desk because all of the staff is sitting in one office in Utah.

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Hostgator.com review

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Review of hostgator.com, unlimited web hosting provider.

Hostgator.com is quite familiar name in the internet circles for staying high in the rank for hosting services. Brent Oxley, company Chairman has started the business at his dormitory room in University. With only three computers at the beginning, later on, it turned into largest hosting company possessing now 12 000 servers. According to statistics, Hostgator accounts for 1 % of total internet with domains counting more than eight million. It is a large company, because if any provider would be able to occupy 1 percent then there would be no more than 100 of hosting companies in total but actually there are hundreds of thousands of them. Hostgator have no particular preference in customers, anyone whether it is a client from Fortune 500 companies or individual freelancer will be served for the best satisfaction. This was confirmed once by the results of customers’ survey with 90 % positive answers, and therefore Hostgator doesn’t much care about competition.

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Webhostingpad.com review

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Review of Webhostingpad, best value in web hosting.

In the last ten years hosting business keeps booming and it is hard to say if it has already reached its peak phase. Competition among providers is stiff and survivors are few. Webhostingpad has also started recently in 2005 and already has achieved good reputation. The company has registered more than 150 000 domains worldwide. It is one of the best award winning providers around the Internet. This company was set out for delivering best value hosting while putting prices that everyone can afford. Webhostingpad is confident about its products and services. They are sure that every customer will get complete satisfaction. To see is to believe but nobody can go around and ask every of 150 000 company clients if he or she is really happy with this company. Being a good provider is not so easy especially when the promise is to keep services up and running at 99.99%. Company holds good records of customer feedback. They are ready to reimburse customer’s the money in full during 30 days. Price tags for the plans are exactly what should be paid without any hidden or untold fees.

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Omnis.com review

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Review of omins.com, Cloud web hosting provider.

What is better than entrusting hosting of your website to veterans who has been through water and fire. Omnis Network is company organized by such people. Services are provided at affordable and enterprise service level and backed up by 10 years of experience. It was not long time ago when they started from simple web hosting and domain registration and now they are offering complete range of services for individuals and professionals alike. Omnis is stressing out two pillars that company rests on. First is employees made of highly trained specialists who are ready to facilitate all steps for launching of the web site based on any individual needs of customer. Second is Facilities meaning a data center in Torrence, California with network connections managed though One Wilshire – an internet main hub for Pacific Rim. Web site security is provided by McAfee which checks site contents every day and updates day indicator. The site was also verified by Geotrust as having secure communication. Omnis has been highly rated by such prominent internet authority as BBB and awarded by many other observers for excellence in support and services.

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Ipage.com review

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Review of ipage.com, hosting provider since 1998

Web site of Hosting provider under the name ipage.com was the designed and printed on torn sheet of paper. You notice it when you scroll down to bottom of snipped page. This is not real paper but makes web site to look graphically rich and impressive. For already 10 years the company is still managing to provide best and flexible hosting services to customers originating from different sectors of society. Whoever they are, whether it is businesses or individuals or organizations, all of them Ipage accepts and treats individually because the company believes that there is no typical customer. Every newcomer is welcomed and offered with unmatched flexibility and at the same time simplicity of solutions. Three primary areas ipage is focusing on are websites, email and security which are also primary source of income for the company. Ipage says that Email is of the same importance as web page itself. On another hand hosting just a web site is not enough. It should be shielded with security tools, marketed online, optimized for search engines all of which can be ordered as additional services along with company hosting plan.

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Ultrahosting.com review

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Review of ultrahosting.com, secure and reliable web hosting company.

25 years is almost a quarter of century, that much time is this company is operating its own business in VPS hosting. What makes them different from the rest of the companies in the first place is their talented staff made of 150 people. All of them had trainings and got certificates from Unix, Linux and Windows classes along with expertise for software products like Vmware, Citrix and hardware equipment from famous vendors like IBM, HP, CISCO. Total number of certificates counts up to 200 pieces. The care and support that customers are receiving are enough to keep web site healthy and applications secure without interruptions at all. A new terminology used in company – “No-nonsense” is for telling to everyone that the prices are always at the same level as competitors have or maybe better. Best in class network and secure facilities are what Ultrahosting especially is proud of. For emphasizing more on their best support, company has introduced another word “UltraSupport”, which means support is not only about simple support but Ultra support.

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