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It is a good pleasure to be met with warmth faces smiling at you, looking from the pictures in the web page. This is how is saluting visitors who came here searching for low cost hosting solutions. It is already more than millions of people opted for Bluehost to host their web sites because of up to date technology, support and facilities that holds the company apart from other competitors. Shared hosting is running in their own servers, in company owned data center with fiber network laid across nationwide area. Except of best prices the company is also providing outstanding customer services. Help staff is patient and kind and can help at any situations or problems. They apply wisdom and knowledge from back experience that was piled up throughout years of work for Bluehost. Average time you could wait for staff to get your answer is 30 seconds. Your call will not be redirected to some outsourced home based help desk because all of the staff is sitting in one office in Utah.

Bluehost is offering Web hosting at the cost with almost half of previous price. You won’t notice the difference in quality and performance between the site hosted here and those running in high end dedicated or VPS servers. This was made possible by bringing up a totally new approach in shared hosting called Hosting Resource Protection. 15 years in web hosting have taught a lot about difficulties of managing single server resources by splitting it up among many web site instances. Company went beyond traditions where the only way of punishing of abusive application was bringing it down or moving to more expensive servers like dedicated or VPS servers. Company doesn’t tell about how they are doing that but it comes free of charge for every web site owner. This protection prevents undesired and excessive consumption of hosting resources by users and provides many features that were available only with Dedicated or VPS hosting. recommends Bluehost as hosting provider since 2005. This CMS is included in hosting package and can be installed with one-click that has a lot of free Scripts, E-commerce, Databases, E-mail. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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