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Review of ultrahosting.com, secure and reliable web hosting company.

25 years is almost a quarter of century, that much time is this company is operating its own business in VPS hosting. What makes them different from the rest of the companies in the first place is their talented staff made of 150 people. All of them had trainings and got certificates from Unix, Linux and Windows classes along with expertise for software products like Vmware, Citrix and hardware equipment from famous vendors like IBM, HP, CISCO. Total number of certificates counts up to 200 pieces. The care and support that customers are receiving are enough to keep web site healthy and applications secure without interruptions at all. A new terminology used in company – “No-nonsense” is for telling to everyone that the prices are always at the same level as competitors have or maybe better. Best in class network and secure facilities are what Ultrahosting especially is proud of. For emphasizing more on their best support, company has introduced another word “UltraSupport”, which means support is not only about simple support but Ultra support.
VPS hosting is a good business. It stands right between two hosting extremes – shared and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting may cost low but you need to share limited resources with others. Dedicated hosting has everything but for such luxury you pay appropriate prices. VPS hosting has both, regarding performance or prices which are always at affordable level. Ultrahosting has three directions in hosting solutions. Packages inside of Windows plans grow from 24USD/month while ground price for Linux plan is only 17USD/month. Third plan is called Windows Xen which goes up further in pricing. Each package there has specific size of RAM and disk space and where each step in 10 dollars you get storage of double size and almost 200 megs of additional RAM. Prices for Linux packages also have such trend asking for 7 more dollars. In addition, each VPS has root access, dedicated IP address, RAID-10 for disk protection and a few addons which make company plans very interesting.

ultrahosting.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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