Webhostingbuzz.com review

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Review of Webhostingbuzz.com, enjoy web hosting.

It is already 10 years since webhostingbuzz have recognized back in 2002 that they might be capable to give customers affordable hosting when hosting industry at that time was in the hands of larger companies dominating the market with their expensive and low service hosting. This was not new idea and was common among other similar providers but Webhostingbuzz has worked hard and overgrown itself. At the beginning they had only 3 dedicated servers and over the years of history those servers were adding up and up and became 250 which were scattered in three different Data Centers. Those data centers were carefully selected to meet strict criteria of reliable connectivity, availability of power and very importantly – in the land free of natural disasters. These servers are directly owned by Webhostingbuzz and not rented or being resold from other providers. This company deserves deep respect for its commitment of reducing environmental impact by sponsoring ITF in planting of trees that would consume the carbon they produce.

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Webhosting.sitesell.com review

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Review of webhosting.sitesell.com, E-business success. Simple. Real.

These guys had some reason to put site name into two, separated by dot, names that is to give detail meaning of hosting they sell. Indeed as you come to webhosting.sitesell.com reading at the main page takes immediate attention of the visitor by providing deep insight of where successful business needs to be hosted from. They have made brave statement about some reputable hosting companies as being sellers of only web space and nothing to give for turning business into source of the profit. They are right here because those who were mentioned don’t put their goal to serve customers in selling or promoting products. This is something that were left to companies like webhosting.sitesell so they can do it in better way. Webhosting.sitesell says web site shouldn’t be merely web hosting but it should be hooked up by search engines with using targeted traffic in other words you will need to handle all of your traffic otherwise your site will just be sitting there. Web hosting package from Webhosting.sitesell can give a proven process and non-technical and complete set of so called – site-brainstorming-building-and-marketing tools, a very difficult to memorize term, yet capable to give hosting that works.

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Globat.com review

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Review of Globat.com, web hosting made simple.

When writing company profile someone should take care of it so it is realistically reflects the true situation. Globat talks about itself and not blurring away with fantastic representation of it but says it is one of many other established web hosting companies in US. And like other companies offers affordable and quality Web hosting. Its history has started in 2001 with recent update of becoming world leader in Performance Web hosting. Please, note a small “r” inside of upper circle, it means this term or name is registered trademark and nobody else can take it. There is another such term called Web hosting Made Easy which they call as a philosophy of making Web hosting accessible by anyone regardless of technical knowledge. Globat is employing Advanced technology in two data centers with plenty of servers with redundancy of both A/C and D/C. 2008 was for Globat as culmination time when it won an award of Best Business Hosting. Throughout years it has continued to win awards from other industry authorities as seen in separate awards section. Testimonials has dozen of warm words left by satisfied customers. Someone in testimonials section says that he got support even at 1:30AM.

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Fastdomain review

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Review of fastdomain.com, reliable hosting service.

When making business of any kind, a reliability sitting behind, is going to be a key for succession of the business. Reliability of hosting from Fastdomain was and continues to be high because of high quality redundant systems they have. It is what every website should be hosted on to keep it up and running most of the time including rush hours that happen often. Even if failures arise customer services from Fastdomain will not turn down your problems or questions but resolve them in best possible way so you will not left with your problems alone.

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EasyCgi.com review

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Review of EasyCgi.com, advanced hosting. Easy solutions.

Thinking that hosting is only about technology is delusion. Farm of servers and network to run in the right data center with supporting facilities is not enough. Although this technology is already in possession by EasyCgi and they are utilizing an Advanced one. Two data centers in Boston, MA is a prove for that. Both of them take a space of unimaginable area 2400 square feet. This data center is occupied by 800 servers and half petabyte of network storage. If you look into company profile page there is explanation that allows to understand easily how servers, network and facilities are tied together to deliver high availability of hosting services.

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Jumpline.com review

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Review of Jumpline.com, never failing hosting

As a good start for this nice looking web site jumpline.com has Blogging right on the main page. It was updated few days ago with blog discussion by Katy M. who talks with readers and teaches about useful topic about getting images and photography into pages. This considered as one of the hot topics among site owners today and that is why they have chosen to put it on the main page. More details of this interesting discussion opens up in “Read more” link. One left hand side of the main page you will read resume in bold company’s key differences that Jumpline believes is what customers would need from good hosting provider. Three separately located Data center connected to multiple internet backbones with the speed reaching fantastic gigabit speed is for customer to enjoy high speed and reliable connection. As a prove of this, Jumpline has been ranked by NetCraft twice as No.1 most reliable web hosting provider.

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One.com review

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Review of One.com, Domain, Hosting, E-mail.

One.com is one way ticket to hosting solutions where it takes only some efforts to find out what makes this company so attractive. First of all things is an innovation serving as an endless source of power to this company which is, not by accident, one of the leading companies in Europe. There is no doubt about its reputation as of recognized domain registration and web hosting sales company. Established in 2002 in Denmark it went beyond its borders. It sounded so loud that was heard in neighboring countries such as UK and Belgium which never experience shortage of their own hosting providers. There are also other countries around the world where it found its customers. Local providers of 149 countries already lost opportunity for 950 000 of their fellow citizens who were taken over by One in Denmark due to excellence in hosting services. The One is a strong company in all meanings of this word. It is financially stable and healthy ready to meet future challenges. It has been through merciless industry benchmarks and proved to be award winning hosting company. It became as the best choice by PC magazine of Netherlands and Belgium, UK Web Host Directory and recommended by Internetworld 2008. All of them couldn’t help telling nothing than as the best in prices and uptime level of 99.99%. It also has separate award for No.1 in Unix web hosting.

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Nexx.com review

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Review of Nexx.com, best value web hosting company in transition.

Nexx.com is no more than one page web site of one hosting company. Maybe two more additional pages for clients login and getting started with their package starting at 4.45USD per month. Beginning from march of 2011 Nexx has transformed its services to another site that belongs to Netfirms. For that a new site under name Netfirmstransition has been launched and is being announced at the main page of nexx.com. The new site is already running its own business on the new platform. Moving all belongings to another house can be a difficult process and to make it as easy as possible Netfirms is working hard. Existing customers and affiliates now will have to move to new nest to enjoy further from new services and products.

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Aplus.net review

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Review of Aplus.net, a deluxe company.

There are hosting providers out there who have their services aimed completely at delivering website solutions and value adding services mainly intended for online commerce. Hosting by this means is serving purely for doing of the business hiding from customer complexities of server technology. Then who cares if both client and company getting what they need and as far as prices are kept low and quality requirements and service levels are met. Aplus.net shares this idea by delivering simple web hosting in combination of communication tools, web site development and domain registration.

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Nethosting.com review

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Review of Nethosting.com, hosting provider.

Nethosting is not so different from other hosting providers regarding prices, variety of products, but what puts it apart from the rest of companies, as they say, is dedication to excellence on the road of providing customers with quality hosting products, exceptional support and unmatched reliability. They don’t have in vocabulary such words as “quick fix” when it comes to resolving issues. They examine every issue and if possible will turn it upside down until it is fully resolved without questions left. And that is not where the story ends. Every client here will be accompanied and assisted by diligent support from the very beginning thus creating tight bonds resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

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