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Review of, unlimited web hosting provider. is quite familiar name in the internet circles for staying high in the rank for hosting services. Brent Oxley, company Chairman has started the business at his dormitory room in University. With only three computers at the beginning, later on, it turned into largest hosting company possessing now 12 000 servers. According to statistics, Hostgator accounts for 1 % of total internet with domains counting more than eight million. It is a large company, because if any provider would be able to occupy 1 percent then there would be no more than 100 of hosting companies in total but actually there are hundreds of thousands of them. Hostgator have no particular preference in customers, anyone whether it is a client from Fortune 500 companies or individual freelancer will be served for the best satisfaction. This was confirmed once by the results of customers’ survey with 90 % positive answers, and therefore Hostgator doesn’t much care about competition.
Hostgator is an environment friendly company. 130% of the power it is consuming is fed from electricity generated with wind power.
The headmost news from company these days is huge discounts for Shared, VPS and Reseller hosting. Shared hosting now is 20% off from regular price and starts from 3.96USD/month and being advertised at the main page as having unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Another sale running is for Windows dedicated servers. For the first month of payments you get 100 dollars discount with any dedicated server package. As an example, for Basic dedicated windows server featuring Quad Core CPU, 2gb ram and 500Gb HDD priced at 179/month, first month fee is only 39USD. Linux servers have a little less price discounts. For Basic dedicated server you can pay 139USD for the first month and later on recurring 179USD each month.
Pricing for VPS and Reseller hosting plans can be calculated using handy tool embedded at the site. First server in the row has CPU of 0.57 GHz, 384RAM,10Gb HDD and 250GB bandwidth. Price starts from 19.16USD for the first and 23.95USD for subsequent months.
Hostgator never stops and is working to please customers with superior support, lavish discounts and providing hosting with endless number of platforms. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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