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Review of Webhostingpad, best value in web hosting.

In the last ten years hosting business keeps booming and it is hard to say if it has already reached its peak phase. Competition among providers is stiff and survivors are few. Webhostingpad has also started recently in 2005 and already has achieved good reputation. The company has registered more than 150 000 domains worldwide. It is one of the best award winning providers around the Internet. This company was set out for delivering best value hosting while putting prices that everyone can afford. Webhostingpad is confident about its products and services. They are sure that every customer will get complete satisfaction. To see is to believe but nobody can go around and ask every of 150 000 company clients if he or she is really happy with this company. Being a good provider is not so easy especially when the promise is to keep services up and running at 99.99%. Company holds good records of customer feedback. They are ready to reimburse customer’s the money in full during 30 days. Price tags for the plans are exactly what should be paid without any hidden or untold fees.
Plans for shared hosting start from 1.99USD/month. It is lowest plan among other packages on condition that you sign up for at least four years. For less years, prices get higher by almost a dollar. Power plan plus has more features that are not found in ordinary plan, it has SSL certificate, SSH access, spam filtering, which are a must have features if you plan to launch online Ecommerce.
Virtual private servers have every capability of dedicated server with one exception. They are scalable. Three kind of packages for VPS has been divided according to disk space, bandwidth and RAM size. Inside of each package you can choose either of monthly, quarterly or Semi-annual payments where savings are about 5 dollar between them. Unlimited bandwidth is found only at Professional and Premium packages.
Webhostingpad has separate knowledgebase page with extensive database of information. It can serve as good reference for any questions related to web site design. If you are good in CMS technologies then most of them are supported.

webhostingpad.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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