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Review of eleven2.com, Hosting, done right!

Team of eleven2.com is made of people whose occupations may not seem directly related to web hosting. Some of them are musicians and photographers. Such variety helps company to understand that every customer is unique and should be treated according to his needs. History of the company started back in 2003 when two designers earning at Starbucks coffee shop set out as a hosting provider. One of those guys later became CEO of eleven2.com. Intentions gave their fruits. Eleven2 became global hosting company serving to customers from every corner of the world with servers located in US and UK. They care about our planet and for every new customer joining the company one tree is planted. It is a good opportunity for someone who didn’t. If They are doing it from the beginning then all trees must have turned into a whole forest.
For winter season there is special discount. Use coupon “frozen” for every hosting plan and get 25% off the regulat price. It brings down cost of shared hosting to 3.75USd from 4.95USD. Do not spend your time looking for one month contract. All plans were made in favor for long time subscribers. This is how company and customer are helping each other. Company benefits from getting longer commitments while customer saves more by receiving lower prices. This practice can be observed also in reseller plan. Signing up for 1, 2 and 3 year saves 33, 40 and 47 percents from your payments. Cloud servers with basic configuration (512Mb RAM, 30Gb HDD and 0.4Ghz CPU) start from 12.50USD/month with choice of OS from four version of Linux platforms. You can manage it yourself or have it done for you but with the price going up to 40USD. Sites hosted by this company are cached in Cloudflare. These are copies of site scattered in special places that allow faster responsiveness and failsafe operations of the customer sites. Cloudflare is available for shared, reseller, cloud and dedicated hosting plans. This feature is not activated initially and should be enabled from control panel.

eleven2.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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