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Review of, Domain, Hosting, E-mail. is one way ticket to hosting solutions where it takes only some efforts to find out what makes this company so attractive. First of all things is an innovation serving as an endless source of power to this company which is, not by accident, one of the leading companies in Europe. There is no doubt about its reputation as of recognized domain registration and web hosting sales company. Established in 2002 in Denmark it went beyond its borders. It sounded so loud that was heard in neighboring countries such as UK and Belgium which never experience shortage of their own hosting providers. There are also other countries around the world where it found its customers. Local providers of 149 countries already lost opportunity for 950 000 of their fellow citizens who were taken over by One in Denmark due to excellence in hosting services. The One is a strong company in all meanings of this word. It is financially stable and healthy ready to meet future challenges. It has been through merciless industry benchmarks and proved to be award winning hosting company. It became as the best choice by PC magazine of Netherlands and Belgium, UK Web Host Directory and recommended by Internetworld 2008. All of them couldn’t help telling nothing than as the best in prices and uptime level of 99.99%. It also has separate award for No.1 in Unix web hosting.
Rich in graphical effects company main page is more of use for telling company packages. Attractive price at 1,45USD/m is paid for 5Gb hosting which was only 3Gigs before. Two other packages selling for 3USD/m and 5.65USD/m come now with revised and enlarged to 30GB and 60GB disk space. For even more space for your site choices are plenty. Website development will be easy task for both of professionals with FTP+PHP+MSSQL and non-professionals with Webeditor. If you are not familiar with Cloud drive then it is backup of your valuable data across of every computing equipment you have, smartphone, personal computer or laptop that will be cross linked with special software available to download at the site for free. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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