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Review of, hosting provider.

Nethosting is not so different from other hosting providers regarding prices, variety of products, but what puts it apart from the rest of companies, as they say, is dedication to excellence on the road of providing customers with quality hosting products, exceptional support and unmatched reliability. They don’t have in vocabulary such words as “quick fix” when it comes to resolving issues. They examine every issue and if possible will turn it upside down until it is fully resolved without questions left. And that is not where the story ends. Every client here will be accompanied and assisted by diligent support from the very beginning thus creating tight bonds resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Nethosting from its side guarantees services are being delivered best in quality and reliability. Once having read hosting advises on the main page it will enlighten you on why Nethosting with its all hosting solutions could be the best choice for your hosting needs. Companies experiencing high volumes would take their dedicated hosting because it guarantees 100% uptime operations and bringing it up would take farthest 10 minutes. Cloud, Virtual and Private hosting are capable to give answers to many questions on server availability, cost reduction, and uptime level. There is more detail talk about it in QA section. Nethosting has no preference of hosting solution and is able to give any kind of it if required but in their opinion cloud hosting is what they recommend because of top 10 ten reasons outlined in white paper by Rebekah Perkins, a company writer.

You can have a quick look at main page and find out how prices look like in Nethosting. If you were convinced to go for Cloud Server then it starts 24.95/m. As you see it is very scalable hosting with ram size from 256MB to 48Gb, unlimited disk space, CPU’s from 1 to 8 pieces, and bandwidth charged per gig of usage like 10 cents for in and 15 cents for outgoing traffic. Dedicated and virtual are also at your consideration. They will cost you at least 174.95USD/m for dedicated and 8.33USD/m for virtual hosting. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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