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Review of reality check network

Reality check has made clear vision of its mission – providing a technology to customers and delivering managed services, technical support and enterprise design. Realitycheck operates in seven data centers with locations reaching from East to West costs of US and one in the Europe. Data centers are confined into the infrastructure allowing guaranteeing services at 100% uptime.

Nice looking site will leave good impressions on the visitor. was designed with taste and sense in coloring. Promotion scroll bar flows smoothly by circling around text and images of the servers for low priced service plans as low as 50$ for virtual hosting, 250$ for dedicated servers and the other attractive readings for important features in managed solutions and applications. Promotion bar looks as a flash but it is run by script which takes less time to open up the site. To see more, rotate through plans using buttons and see details about plans and features. Makeup of the site made in two colors, blue and white with variety tints that make the site to look stylish.

Company blog is rich on different events of the company and have several topics related to subjects in hosting. Latest event is about a new network installation of Internap’s Performance IP™ service which allowed reaching 100% network uptime guarantee. Technical topics talk about what is good about taking managed services for hosting of dedicated and virtual servers. Live chat for questions is always under one click. A small popup screen comes up on all pages of the site.

Virtual and dedicated servers can be configured and purchased right at the site. There are separate pages for fully customizing of virtual and dedicated server and buying it online. You can create virtual server with the number of cores counting from 1 to up 16 each having bigger RAM, disk storage, data rate. Final price can go up between selected options for operating system, if there is need for management and backup, and how large should be the size of network storage, CDN and Control panel. Affiliated partners enjoy benefits from offered programs. The first payment of referral comes to affiliate and gets 5% of it every next month. review Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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