Cheap Web Hosting Review

Why Free Web Hosting Is Not A Good Option

When something is free that can usually mean that there are some strings attached. That is the case with free online web hosting and before you commit to a free web host you may want to know why you should consider paying for your web hosting services. A free web host is going to clutter your website up with advertising and this is how they allow you to host your site for free. Some of the advertising could even be pop up advertising and this is always something that instantly turns people away from your website.

A free web host is not going to offer you a URL that is the one people will be looking for when they look for your website and getting a free web host URL to show up in a search result is almost impossible. Instead of your website address being it will be and that can stop a lot of people from being able to find your site. Free websites also come with very limited bandwidth so if your website ever became very popular you may find it not available for weeks at a time as you exceed the allocated amount of bandwidth that your free webhost offers you.

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