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Creating A Look For Your Website

When you are starting to form the look for your own website, do not hurry through because you want to get it up and running. Take your time and make it a user friendly site that your visitors will want to come back to again and again. Do it right the first time, so you don’t have make revisions over and over.

What is the website supposed to be used for? What message do you want to get across with it? What kinds of pages do you want to use? How do you want it to come across to the people looking at it? All of these are questions to ask yourself when setting up a site. Make sure all user paths are navigable and lead somewhere. Don’t send your visitors through a maze they can’t get out of all day. They are not likely to return. The look of the site should help your guests identify with you or your business. They shouldn’t come to a business site that is full of chicken pictures. You want the site to say something about you and what message you are trying to get across.

Make sure any graphics you add are crisp and clear when viewing. You don’t want to look at blurry or cloudy pictures on another website, you visitors won’t want to either. Use smaller pictures where you can so the download time and site opening time is not so slowed down. You want the visitors to come back after they see what you have to offer and invite some their friends too. This will get you more traffic and more sales.

Communication is also a key. Can your guests and visitors get in touch with you easily if they have a problem? You will need to leave a contact tab or place your phone number and/or email address on every page in case there is a problem. This way, they know they can trust you to be there if they have a problem with something.

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