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Moving Your Serendipity Blog

Many people are familiar with computers. Many people who are familiar with computers are getting their own websites and writing their own blogs. However, moving to a new server is never easy or painless no matter how much work a software company or open source project has taken to make paths relatively easy to get to and how hard they try to isolate specific sever settings. There is a great Serendipity blog engine to help people with these complex and abstract issues; however, there are a couple of tricks and tips that will certainly be of help to you if you need to move to another server and/or a new domain name.

The first thing that needs to done is make sure that the security on your server is set up properly. Once your security is all set up right and tight then you are set to move your stuff. Here comes the fun stuff which is a few enjoyable quick and easy steps before serendipity blog moving day.

First, go into the generated .sql file and conduct a complete search for your old path. Second, if you are changing the table prefixes on the new installation then, change all of the instances. Third, if changing the domain name the, make all of the changes. After the third step you are done with the .sql file. Now, save it and remember its location because it will be needed to be both uploaded and applied later. Great, now you can fix the serendipity file. Then upload your serendipity file to the new server. Then, you need to build up your data base. Now all that needs to be done is to change your domain and wait for the change to go into effect. Always be sure that the new serendipity blog works before canceling your old account and deleting your files.

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