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As a pre requite for generating more business and rendering service, professional web site hosting has taken enormous strides.

The implication for this is maintenance and promotion to the target market with an emphasis in professionalizing in order to cater to the high end market

To drive home the point, the business of website, to be credulous, the following points are to be taken care of.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is about a particular server meting out to several customers sharing the space .Depending on the capacity of the web site provider; it is possible to accommodate several websites, with the exception of sites, with high speed server response. In the case of several web sites sharing with the same server, shared hosting plans are economical than those that cater exclusively.

Dedicated hosting

This is an instance of the web server aligned with a single user that renders hosting service stable since only a sole customer is to be taken care of.

Virtual private server hosting

This is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting with the user having most of the control, in spite of a few others sharing with others. Right from installing anything in the site or up loading any video or audio files, the user has full control. The exclusivity of a private server is thus ideal to begin with in professional business web site hosting.

Co-location hosting

It is about the client having to buy only the space of the web hosting provider’s secure data center as he also owns the webserver’s hardware. Under this mode of set up, the customer gets the benefit of full control of the web server as well as the 24-hour support system provided by the secure data center

Re-seller hosting

This allows the web host to sell web space to another at a lower price who in turn resells the web server’s storage.

Identifying the needs and expectations of the web host would enable to envisage the marketing strategies as well as features to lure the customers. Falsehoods in claims will not only be unprofessional but will also create bad impression.

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