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The dilemma a web designing has to overcome is in deciding the true worthiness of the free lancer who are economical and give the feeling of specialist. But in reality owing to lack of infrastructure and sickness they are unable to complete the project. Hence keeping in mind the long term objective it is better to seek out other employable means.

The companies which employed freelancers sensed a lack of creativeness and dedications to mete out their objectives. They found them to be clumsy to redesign their websites, since they are employed elsewhere and were found wanting for the output.

It would hardly be surprising to find a lack of focused approach in them since they are invariably inaccessible due to time constraint and commitment at the place where they are employed.

More often than not, the freelancers are capable to specialize in a few areas while the requirement is for integration of diverse skills. A freelancer’s experience is far from comparable to that of a web designing firm. While a team of experts consolidates the strength of the company’ status it can least be expected for the freelancer to come up to expectations.

Another setback arises when the freelancer makes a deal with the client and doing away with the middlemen (the company who employs him).

They are like rolling stones drifting from company after company and do not provide stability. Lack of motivation of the freelancer deprives him of the need to keep him updated on news and developments on search engines.

When the need for the redesign of the web arises he would be found wanting to fulfill the needs. This may necessitate hiring yet another person which will add up to the expenditure.

Since the freelancers are not employed on contract, they are beyond litigation In the case of web designing firm; it is possible to find replacement in the event of an employee availing medical leave

Since the freelancers don’t have boss there is no pressure binding on them and in effect bring negative impact to the company where they are employed. The answer to this lies in several Web designing, development, and SEO companies who work for a reasonable price that also provide customized solutions to their clients. Availing their services will bring technical, creative, legal and administrative aspects well within reach.

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