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‘AIDA’ is a standard formula a creating a sales or sign up page.

Despite making it clear about the payments and good flow of traffic, and when fast connections are available elsewhere with fast loading web pages the one in question may be too slow and takes long to load. The reasons are owing to the reasons listed herein.

Site is too hard to read

While picking up the colors and fonts of the site it is wise to the pick ones that are captivating that shows up well on the monitor.

Short paragraphs and empty spaces in between or numbered list ensuring space between the bullet items and if the list is really long alternate with either color or bold style of the list items.

Page requires special software to be seen or heard

Software that is attainable and free are better suited than a bevy of extra downloadable software for banners, audio and video work which a lot of visitors will never hear it or see it.

A page full of extra clutter

For the sake of traffic it is customary for some people to add several banner exchange banners, topped with Ads. In effect they clutter up the show

Though the banners bring credit, using one at the top and another at the bottom and for exposure to banner exchange programs splitting of the main page or creating some other page are better.

In order to enhance the response rate, bringing about different headlines, wording formatting, etc. and keeping away from making the aforesaid blunders will definitely yield desired results.

Creation of a page to perform well does not necessarily mean use of lot of images, unusual fonts and colors and the incorporation of the latest gadgets. In reality if the landing pages are simple, fast loading, easy to read and readable by everyone and focused will pave the way for better acceptability.

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