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Plan Ahead For Your Website Promotion

By uploading a website over the internet the owners of that site believe their work is done but actually that is where their work starts. Having to think that the many clicks on advertisements you get is the major accomplishment, then it is disappointing to say that you are setting the bar for yourself too low. Every advertising website’s owner believe that the more click he gets on the links or ads is enough for him/her to generate income but the real question is are those users will be visiting your website in the future? My assumption is no, until and unless you give them a reason to come back which can include great deals, products and offers as well as newsletters that keep your customer updated with free products and discounts. Let’s say you do attract many people to click on a link that will give you 35 cents per click. Although if you keep your focus on making people your regular customer, then initially you won’t make that 35 cents but a lot more in the future.
To think that 35 cent per click is your achievement is short term planning. A person who plans ahead and plans for long term they would prefer making a user their regular customer first. Give people incentives and benefits to come back to your website and keep coming back while you refresh and add new things to your webpage from time to time. People who make money through these advertisements keep making websites one after another to increase their income with 35 cents per click which is a waste of money, resources, bandwidth, web hosting providers and money that is spend on domain and hosting fees. This way the internet is being filled with money making websites without any benefits to the users. It is sad to know all of this went to waste due to lack of knowledge and usability. However, the point to focus on is to adopt the other option right now as it’s never too late.

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