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Spiders and sitemap play a useful role in search engines .A spider is a bot that collects data and stores for the search engine at the touch of keywords in the search dialog box. Where as sitemap is a directory that links documents and files found in a web site. It is organised much in the same way as the website that it originated from. It is like contents in a book.

A sitemap apart from giving directions, targets the spider giving directions to the site and the links for finding the keywords. Therefore it is very essential in search engine optimization. Besides, sitemaps provide all the links to information found in a website. Many users navigate pages of web site via sitemap.

It is possible to view all the pages of a site and not just those with random keywords. On accessing the sitemap, there is no need to go back to the search engine page to get more information. If what they are looking for is in the site the map will show it. It is easier to find particular items or services with sitemaps that leads the potential buyers to the right place.

While the full categorical mode, links all categories at one time, the restricted categorical focuses only selectively. Full categorical is easy to search for topics with ability to make comparisons amongst various categories.

Linking the sitemap to home page assures no pages are missed. It is necessary to test on each and every page. Using short description for the links will provide a better idea what they are about to find and store .to enable to save time for surfing.

Using continuous design elements throughout sitemap and the same HTML template for all pages will assist in establishing identity.

Thus sitemap design plays an important role in seeking search engines.

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