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At the instance of surfing the internet, one is impressed by the variety of websites. For creative people a good website design draws them and leaves an indelible quality of the website and thus raises the online profile.

Another aspect of the website is the lack of planning or concept into making it an eye-catcher which though might be overlooked by the user what remains uncompromising is the website page which would be quite annoying.

The following suggestions are worth the while to capture the eye of the beholder. Despite the good content a user finds it difficult to explore the navigation bar. While finding it slackness is experienced in finding the link on the page to arrive at the desired information. By the time navigation scheme is reached one eventually forgets what one was looking for.

Instead of getting mired into such a situation people want information quickly. The solution for this is easily accessible menu which takes them immediately to the information they want. Besides, irrespective of the intensity in which they explore there have to be clearly defined guidepost on each page to revert to the page they started.

Instead of clicking several times the user would be at ease to get the information at a maximum of three clicks lest he becomes disinterested.

Though people like to watch video and quality graphics their first priority is for information. In the events of the graphics not being the integral and necessary part of the web page it is advisable to get rid of them. Excessive graphics and multimedia presentation can slowdown the load time of your website which distracts them .Hence the
Primary concern should be for the content.

A well thought out color scheme and font style is important as also adhering to a basic design for they complement each other .for maximum readability

Since it is difficult to create the perfect website to please everybody the focus should be for easy navigation, fast loading and above all good content.

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