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When the designers of website take it as passion rather than a job the task becomes easy. Coding functionality, flow and aesthetic design are the heart and soul of the website. And these developments are vital during the development process.

When coding a website many mistakes borne out of flawed thinking become evident and what is worse they go undetected for months together and even years.

When the website master focuses attention only on the website code functions work, mistakes such as misspelt words, grammar mistakes improper punctuation etc go unchecked and eventually if the text of the website is nonfunctioning the entire perfected coding and aesthetics have a nullifying effect. When coding doesn’t work properly it proves to be detrimental.

When eighty to ninety percent of text is done on the website it should be given priority to attain perfection. For the savvy web surfer that uses a search engine like an extension of their own body the competition for web surfer is intense. A bad copy will make the user never to return since they have to piece together to decipher the contents. Thus traveling to another website is just a click away.

Thus alluding the above problems and instead the inclination to clean up to minor and major only on the aesthetics. By providing traffic and returning traffic and error free content they keep returning. When only an individual takes care of everything in website perfection can not be attained.

Now online services in the name of caters to website owners to obtain the benefits of perfected copy, tested website coding and functions and meet web surfers expectations overall.

When polling was conducted on web surfers, errors on websites and website coding were the factors that prevented them from returning to the site. With online services like TypoBounty, matters are simplified to encourage surfers as staff in the perfection of web properties, tantamount playing a game.

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