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HTML May Be Moving Over For XHTML

In the world of website design, HTML has been king now for quite some time. However, is it time for HTML to move over, and make room for a new king? There could be need for a new king due to the fact that a lot of small portable things are starting to be able to hook up to the internet. The only problem is that sometimes when people are designing a site with HTML, an error can be created by mistake. Our big computers are able to work through these problems without much problem. Sure, things may not work right on the site, but we can still view it. However, on a smaller device the browsers can not work through errors, so we have to find a way to get rid of them, and the best way to do that is with XHTML.

XHTML is the new way of the future. This makes designing a website very easy, and for the most part, error free. This is perfect for all the phones and other things that are able to link up to the internet. So why are things taking so long to switch over? Well the switch has already begun. A lot of sites are already made with XHTML, but some people refuse to stop using the classic HTML. You know the saying, “If it not broken don’t fix it.” This is how most people that have grown up using HTML feel. Although HTML is still on top for now, it will not take long for XHTML to be the new king. After all, if people want their website to be viewed on portable things, then they are going to have to make the switch. So in the end, that means that things could be changing, but will it be changing for the good? There was a switch not too long with a different format, but it never caught on. Will XHTML over take HTML, because it has less errors to be made?

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