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How colours of your web site can influence on visiters.

The main goal of a web designer is to create a winning web site which will attract the users attention. The work with colours is brought to the forefront here. But don’t forget about other essential components of a successful web site. It you site has a wonderful colour spectrum then you are just on the half path to success. The other components are connected with monitor, operating system and browser compatibility. Try to use such mix of colours that will do to all models and types of monitors. You should also remember that visitors use different browsers and the quality of pictures also depends on the kind of browser. If a web designer works with 256 colour combination and the majority of visitors have monitors which are incompatible with such combination then visitors’s screens will show low-quality pictures.

A lot of customers are not cognizant of compatibility and when a web designer creates a very colourful site with attractive images they believe it to be a perfect one. By the way the customers can’t even imagine that this “perfect” web site will have a negative impression on the visitors.

There is one more recommendation that refers to colour design. If it is possible try to approach to the maximum the colour of your web site to it’s main goal. So, the colour of a web site should reflect it purpose. This task is not a difficult one for a professional designer. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience just look through a list where it is explained which colour stimulate a definite mood. Think over what mood should arouse the site and then choose right colours.

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