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Web design basics from Soula graphic design.

With the help of this article you can learn about the very basic principles of graphic design. The name of such method of designing derives from company Soula Design and New Media Nottingham that worked out this project.

First of all we’ll make some notes on balance. Be sure that all the elements on one page are balanced. It means that design of your site shouldn’t be plain, it must draw visiter’s attantion. So, it is better to create a site which has asymmetrical design but not symmetrical. Try to make it more complex. Then your site will look more attractive.

You should remember that visitors of your site use different screens. So, some people will see your site perfectly balanced while others willn’t be able to look at it at all. Check the perfomance of your site on different screens beforehand.

If you’ve decided to create an asymmetrically balanced site then follow this rule: don’t place all the elements of design to one side. Yes, your site shouldn’be symmetrical. But don’t forget about the feel of balance. The possible way out from this situation is to put small elements opposite large ones or place images opposite text. You may “play” even with colours: place light colours against dark objects or vice versa. It will look effective.

One more part of design you should take into consideration is contrast. Use all the tools you have to make your site professionally looking. If people can’t discern the text then why you create such a site? The contrast of your site in many respects depends on colours. Try to give an appropriate colour to each element of text (it is very important to underline gyperlinks or mark them with blue colour). Avoid blend of menus, logos and main part of text. Design them in such a way that visitor can easily distinguish this parts from each other.

Rhythm is also an essential part of designing a web site. The pages of your site must flow with such high speed, that it would be difficult for visitors to follow the reiteration of patterns. This moment is very important because the users don’t like to wait for a long and most likely they leave your site if you are not going to respect our recomendations.
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