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Visual notes.

You should know that visitors of your site use different browsers. It is very important to examing your web-site using different browsers because they show idem site in different ways. It means that users of your site can see it differently when it is downloaded over their browsers. If you are going to post your site right now it is better to verify it with the most general browsers.
They are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x;
  • Netscape Navigator 4.x, Netscape Navigator 6.x, Netscape Navigator 7.x;
  • America Online 8.x, America Online 9.x;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Opera Browser.

When you design your site select such size of texts and grafics that it would be easy and good for users’ eyes to read it. We’ll prompt you that still the most popular resolution of users’ screen is 640 pixels by 480 pixels. Don’t forget about it. It possible to ask visitors of your site, what screen resolution they prefer. Conduct something like a poll. Then it will be easy to adopt design of your site in accordance with a majority vote.

It is also important before posting your site online to review it on different platforms. It may look different on Mackintosh and Personal computers.

Try to avoid scrolling marquee text on your site. Use it only in case of need. Such text don’t go well with some browsers. So, it is don’t wise to use scrolling marquees. It is better to post text right on the pages of your site.

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