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Let’s have a talk about grafics.

If your site is cramed with grafics than it takes a lot of time to download it. It is most likely that visitors will not wait and return to your site any more. 50 kb is an information limit that you can inflate with text and grafics. Some users in order to save time turn grafics off in there browsers. It means that your site should contain information in text without fail. It is wise to use graphic Alt attributes in your image labels. Most of the search engines can index Alt text but not grafics. If you are going to include any king-sized files for audio or video into your site then it is better to indicate the size of this files. Visitors of the site will appreciate your care of them.
Try to use thumbnail graphics where possible. For example, one of your pages consists of many large images and it takes a great deal of time to load them. The best way out from this situation is to make little variants of each image with the help of thumbnail graphics. If visitors want they can click through to see large images.
If you are about to apply image maps then do it cautiously. Under image maps we consider big-sized graphics that has clickable “hot spots”. Their main function is providing good navigation. Such maps have text inside. But you may be entrapped if you don’t know that search engines fail to read text in a graphic. So, if you want to set image maps make certain that you provide the right text and Alt tags in order search engine can find it.
It is also better to split the image into small parts. Then you will save you visitors long loading. Don’t forget about the users who turn grafics off in there browsers. Use an alternative text link navigation system to help such visitors.

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