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WebSite Promo: Cost per Action

Cost per action deals with advertising and marketing, mostly electronic marketing also known as Email marketing. Cost per action is also sometimes known as pay per action and is an internet advertising model. This online advertising model is one in which the advertiser pays for each service or action that he or she wants such as a purchase or a form submission. The submission form or purchase and so forth must be linked to the advertisement.

Direct response advertisers believe that cost per action is the best way to purchase online advertising because cost per action allows the advertiser to only pay for the ad when the desired action has been fulfilled. An action in this case can be a product being purchased, a form to be filled out and submitted, or a service to be rendered. It is important to remember that with cost per action the wanted action to be done is determined by the advertiser. In addition, it is also crucial to know that the cost per action can be determined by many different factors depending on where the online advertising supplies are being bought.

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