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WebSite Promo: Paid Inclusion

Paid inclusion is a service that can be utilized via the Internet. More specifically, paid inclusion is a marketing product found on most search engines, except for Google. Paid inclusions involve search engine companies charging fees for including various websites to be a part of their search indexes.

There is a fee structure for paid inclusion. The fee structure for paid inclusion has two basic functions. The fee structure is both a filter against not needed submissions and a money maker. The fee covers a yearly subscription for one webpage which will be automatically catalogued and updated regularly. People who wish to use paid inclusion must also be aware that a per click fee may apply because each search engine is different.

Many search engines such as Yahoo like to mix it up a bit by combining paid inclusion with their results from web crawling. People who dislike paid inclusion claim that it causes searches to base their results on what is economically best for the website instead of what are in the best interest the users of that website.

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