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What is Video Hosting Service ?

Video hosting also known as Video sharing permits an Internet user to upload specific video clips to any website. The clip is stored in the host’s server and then other Internet users can see the video. These video hosting service websites have become increasingly prevalent on the Internet today because many people do not have their own web page to put these video clips on.

More and more people are also pulling these video clips down from their camera phones. Some people will make a DVD of the clip. Watch for resolution though, some of the phones don’t have a high resolution. In today’s market however, most broadband connections can handle the quality of the camera phone’s video. YouTube has become quite famous for this application.

YouTube contains a lot of copyrighted material that people have made themselves and don’t wan copied. Although you might find some companies that want you to give them partial ownership since they are hosting your video for you. Wikipedia encourages videos that can be used and reused by the general public. They discourage charging for videos at any rate.

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