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Web Site Design tips and methods

Web sites are used to store information for other people with similar interests to look at. By arranging and creating many designs or using designs already out there, you can make your own website. Most website have multiple pages. They will have a HOME page, and then the sky is the limit as far as how pages you want on your site.

Due to the Internet, information is getting easier and easier to find every day with the numerous websites out there that have to do with any one topic. Commercial websites usually are trying to draw in your traffic because they want you to see their products and buy. Non-commercial websites are everyday people making a site to tell about them selves or their favorite band or television show.

There are basic principles to follow when creating your own website. First, the content should be relevant to the site name and be as factual as possible. Second, the site should be friendly to the user. Some sites can lead you down a maze and you never find your way back. Third, the appearance of your web pages will draw your audience in. Make sure everything is free flowing and bright. Make sure there is consistency on all your pages. Lastly, make sure your website title has specific keywords that people will be looking for in their searches. This is how you gain traffic by using common keywords to get people there.

Once you have all your pages linked and a URL formed, you are ready to go. Uploading the site to an FTP client will help you garner more traffic to your site. You can also submit the site to Yahoo or Google to use as well.

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