Cheap Web Hosting Review

Web hosting service scope

There are many options in regard to hosting. The most basic type is a host for a simple, single webpage. This is best if you have a personal web page. The web host will allow for the uploading of small files either by the FTP method (File Transfer Protocol) or by a web interface that allows an upload. The method of uploading files is most often included as a free service to customers of Internet service providers.

The next level up is a small web site. This type of hosting is suitable for small business or informational web sites. For this type of site, you can find free hosting if you agree to have advertisement on your page. Keep in mind the advertisements shown will not provide any revenue for you. You can also choose to obtain an advertisement free site for a small fee from other hosting providers.

Corporate or large business websites may require a more professional, polished look with many features and capabilities that smaller sites do not need. This type of hosting is usually more costly. This business web site will most often include database support and application development platforms such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and ASP.NET. Webmasters will be able to write their own scripts (HTML or Java) for forums and elements such as content management. If a site is selling products or services online, a SSL is required. An SSL is a well known and trusted method for managing the security of communication transmissions on the Internet. Hosting for corporate professional sites is usually handled by specialized hosts for this purpose.

For any type of hosting, the host may make available controls so that the web page or web site can be managed. Changes can be made, additional text or images added, colors adjusted and so forth. Some hosting sites allow for email services that are directly linked to the web site.

When looking for web hosting companies, it is suggested to do your research. There are many hosting services available and cheaper is not always better. A hosting service will be no good to you if their hosting ability goes down, even temporarily. Each minute, hour and day that the hosting is down is time that your web site is not on the Internet. You will want to find a host that offers 24 hour customer service and tech support. You may wish to call customer service numbers to be sure that they are operational. Beware of testimonials you may find while searching; many are hidden sales pitches by affiliate marketing.

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