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Website Planning – how to make a site

Designing a website may sound easy but once you get started it can become pretty complex. To make the process easy website, it is a good idea to practice a website planning. Make sure the purpose of the website is clear as your entire page revolves around it.

The website must contain text, images, videos etc that is related to your topic and easy to comprehend by your audience.

Four basic characteristics are to be kept in mind when it comes to your viewers starting with audience personality, information inclination, computer configuration and Web experience. The content must be organized in such a way that it all seems connected once the viewer is finished reading.

Due to the wide variety of web browsers available, this results in supporting text and file extensions.
So make sure you use valid XHTML, 1024×768 display resolution for compatible view. The best way to get all of these things right is to create a document that will give an overall layout of the website you are about to create which will help in further improvements and rearrangements. Methods like Hierarchical Structures, Branch Design Website Design or Linear Website Diagram may be chosen for this purpose.

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