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Review of Xaviermedia.biz for reselling domain names and web hosting

Xaviermedia.biz – is one of the sites of media group who celebrated 15th anniversary last year. Archive of 15 years of rich history is recorded and constantly being updated in one of the several adjoining sites. The company has sites also for environmental, international, finance projects that belong to the same group. In 1997 only two web sites were developed that commenced the first step in web hosting. Latest site for mobile devices like iPhone was built in 2010. Further on, the company have proliferated into different areas in internet business, among them are domain registration and web hosting. Main plans placed in Xaviermedia.biz are basic and pro reseller plans costing only 59.99$ a year and 159.99$ a year respectively.

Xaviermedia.biz ensures easy starting of the business with these plans. It assists in product development, with customer support and infrastructure. For those who don’t already have site, they have ready built site designed for customization to fit your needs. Reseller just needs to input few required options in site template, like putting name for company header, uploading images, use or take Great Deals, select from a variety from sales text and putting in proper place. Marginal profit is up to reseller to decide. Owners of Basic and Pro plans get a little different wholesale prices for domains: 7.75$ and 7.00$, hosting: 3.35$ and 3.15$, secure certificates: 15.59$ and 14.95$ and a lot of free stuff with every plan.

Registration or transfer of your domain(including mobile domains) can be done easily. It is facilitated with transfer and domain check tools at the site. Go through three steps and your site is with Xaviermedia.biz. Your domain will be taken care with 24/7 service support, plus free email, hosting at competitive savings. Xaviermedia.biz review. The site has tools for daily tasks of Webmaster. Want to have secure password? then generate a new one and calculate existing against cracking. Other tools are also needed to keep the site in the proper state.

xaviermedia.biz Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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