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Review of Webhosting.uk.com, Leader in web hosting.

Proud to be a UK leading hosting provider is the company called Webhosting.uk.com. Aspiration had played important role in establishing of this company as the best in quality and services hosting provider in UK. Hosting services being offered are backed up with 24/7 hours support who are seasoned admins and tech. support team with certificates for Red Hat Linux and Microsoft. Plus to this, in house network managers and savvy technicians. The work they perform in-house will not be handed over to some external company. Despite of higher costs company keeps this staff to deliver better than in others support to its customers. As the evidence of really owned data center they give specific details of the address and all related information in case if you want to go and see their premises. What makes them different is clearly understood. They listen to every customer suggestions and change on the way that helps improving services. Plans, as we see, are really affordable. Low prices are the result of bringing down administration costs which were achieved through automation.
Shared hosting comes in three flavors at affordable for small and medium and anyone else prices.
Each of them has been packed with unique set of great features leaving no room for disappointment. Take as example Cpanel shared hosting packages running on Linux. They have range in price from 2.29pounds to 7.10 pounds per month. For 2.29pounds/month you get 500Mb of space, 5Gig of bandwidth and unlimited domains. While prices going up to only 7.10 pounds for the top package but you get 20 times more of disk space and monthly bandwidth which are 10Gb and 100GB respectively. For those wishing of 100% SLA uptime which was available only in the Cloud, shared hosting was also leveraged to the cloud. For the first month with this package you pay only 1 pound. The reason for 6 and 11 pounds at two packages reason are 5 and 10 Gb disk space as well as 50 and 100GB of monthly bandwidth.
If you came to this site for other hosting solutions then look around, there are plenty of choices for your budget and needs.

webhosting.uk.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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