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Review of webfusion.co.uk, You. The web. Connected.

The spring has come and made webfusion.co.uk to relax its prices for all VPS plans. Seasonal changes in prices are usual occasion here. That is only one of the work that webfusion is doing to keep customers happy. They have started it already in 1997 by giving this happiness to millions of people and stayed at the top of UK companies. Years passing were not given up useless. They have spend it by increasing and improving the infrastructure. More than 170 local UK specialists have joined the company who are backing up today the company with around year 24 hours support. Data center was custom build by IBM which ensures that servers are running in optimum level of efficiency. Utilities like Energy efficient power feed and climate control are doing good work for preventing operational failures which are often attributed to poor cooling and power outages. Access Security and Fire suppression in the other hand was provided for complete prevention of data theft and burning of expensive servers and invaluable customer data. This is privately owned data center and means is under one hand and never lets it down.
Web hosting from webfusion is full of features. Price starts from 9.95 pounds. There are so many of them, which is why have been categorized into 14 sections. To see what is under each section you need to click on it. First section gives brief summary of the plan by pointing out main features. You will have no restriction on the size of Web space, traffic volume and email accounts. These are features that you get in first place for your web hosting. The other features will bring more value to the plan as they have them here – Cloud architecture, ability to host multiple domains. But for additional domains except the one coming with the packge you will need to buy separately. With cloud architecture supporting your web site it won’t not go away at very inappropriate time. For operating systems choice you can go to either to Windows or Linux and choose web server from Apache or IIS 7. Webfusion is not strict for hosting prices. Quote request can be placed right at the website for any kind of hosting they offer at the site.

webfusion.co.uk Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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