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Review of Wc-hosting – World connect Hosting

World connect Hosting – hosting service with 6 years of history which started from ordinary studio with programming and design. Now they are hosting provider armed with qualified specialist and state-of-the-art data center.

Introduction of the company stresses out on three values in hosting service as being low in cost, secure and reliable. Wc-hosting is resting on these pillars to serve all of customers who wish to join this company. The main three categories you will notice in front page are offering three packages 10 Mb space for $8.33 per month, 200mb space for $16.67 per month and 300 Mb space for $25 per month, which is good enough for this small company.
Web hosting service is provided at reliable speed without overhead jams as it is sometimes happen in some cheaply sold hosting services. They don’t sell domains counting thousands by sacrificing the speed and level of the service. All of the servers with fiber are connected to major Internet backbones. It will look as staying on the main stream of the internet without any speed limitations and serving hosting to any place in the world. As a part of service the provider has deployed ColdFusion for assisting in creating web applications rapidly employing various of popular technologies – XML, Database, Macromedia and others.

Regarding contracts, you can sign for monthly or annual with two month free service. All services for server setup will be provided without any charges. For someone having questions, support and “contact us” pages have fill in form made simple so it doesn’t ask for traditional registration.

Legal terms for using services are strictly stipulating to prevent potential misuse of services for pornography and casino sites. Wc-hosting review .Except that any subscriber should be at the age of at least 18 otherwise someone else from relatives can take charge by simply accepting the terms and duly pay for services. These conditions are fair and puts Wc-hosting into reputation of honest partner. There is no doubt that such approach will be favored by many customers looking to stay far from unethical content flooding the web today.

wc-hosting.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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