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UK2.NET is the web site of UK based provider with all related proceedings like tech. Support speaking British English, prices in pounds, large share of UK market, and reliability from UK Company. If you think that The Old World is the better land to look for your hosting needs then would be good candidate. They have been known for 14 years as reliable and quality chasing hosting provider. Living in UK didn’t prevent them to acquire another US company in 2008. This was the time when operations went beyond borders and reached larger number of clients in US. In the next year the company gave its customer an assurance of best tech. Support by bringing it into-house. This sometimes is not always an option for other companies because of costs related to hiring additional staff and paying them salaries. is also involved in charity. It is participant in fund raising for cleaning from landmines.
As you will see all hosting prices are indicated in UK pounds. Recent updates in price and feature have brought more values into hosting plans. Web hosting got new discount for Facebook integration feature. Now, it is only 1 pound per month against previous 2.95pounds. Low cost package for Basic sites is offered at 99 pence per month. With this package you can have only one web site of your own. For more number of web sites see three other plans that are sold at 3,95, 4,95, and 9,95 pounds. Features for unlimited space, monthly traffic and e-mail will let you web site to run smoothly without constrains. Your web site will be sharing the power of Dual Quad Core Xeon server with 24GB RAM. And Daily backups will put aside your valuable data against undesired events.
For VPS server choices you can use a great graphic tool to trade out quickly what is the best price and configuration for you. For 8.95 pounds you can have least configuration with 1Ghz CPU, 256 RAM, and 50Gb HDD. Then sliding up three buttons creates other setups with dynamic price matching selected configuration. If you want to have complete management of your server then go over to dedicated server section. Except it domain registration is also can be ordered from here at quite low prices. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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