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How much discount would you give as a hosting provider to your current customer to retain them? The answers would be various. You may not believe but according to marketing theory bringing in a new customer would cost you at least two times than spending on discounts for holding of your current customer. It is rare when you see some hosting provider care of current customers or if not at all. never forgets about them. It is calling to them right from the main page for good savings over the current plan for additional sign-up. New customers on the other hand will have Free domain Name and setup, free marketing credits, Dynamic content Plugging and support 24/7 Support, a multiple winner of honorable awards.
Hosting business was always on the radar of industry observers. They keep watching over providers and have valuable data which can be used by anyone looking for reliable and budget oriented hosting. They are doing good work for customers wishing not to be blinded or mislead. There at least five observers whose eyes stopped at Startlogic. They have made choice of Startlogic and nominated it as the winner of several rewards for guaranteed, reliable and affordable hosting solutions. Being a leading provider of web-hosting solutions the company is relying on its advanced and reliable load -balanced architecture coupled with customer service armed with extensive knowledge. They are listening to customers whose expectations are fulfilled in the best possible way by providing prompt, dependable and worthwhile service.
If you are going to have web site for personal use or run a small shop or even for bigger online presence they have plans for any of aspiration. Plans are packed to meet small budget requirements therefore are really cheap web hosting for anyone. PersonalLogis is the name for the plan sold at 3.95USD/m for two year sign up. It has 25Gb disk space, unlimited e-mail accounts and 600Gb of web traffic. Next plan called ProLogic provides more value for your money . It goes for 5.95USD/m, a 2 dollar more than PersonalLogis but has unlimited disk space, e-mail accounts, bandwidth and plus free domain.
Startlogic has also plans for VPS hosting, Marketing Services and e-mail services which cannot be disregarded. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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