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Review of, application management services.

There is a brand new service in hosting business that came up these recently. It is a little complicated to understand at the beginning. Made on the top of clouding it actually lays between user application and ordinary cloud hosting services. Company under the name “Standingcloud” has put foot on this ground in 2009. Standingcloud is a team consisting of investors who are developers and at the same time providers of application solutions for cloud management.

Administration of servers whether it is dedicated server or shared hosting is common practice performed by customer or left to provider’s staff. With cloud computing situation changes to the extent of managing and configuring of a whole cloud. Deploying application in the cloud is much complex task. Standingcloud is collecting under the roof of the cloud its seamless services to relive providers of Cloud and Managed hosting from developing and maintaining of application layer. The application layer should allow customers to deploy and manage applications easily.

Standingcloud has standard approach in deployment of application layer. It starts with clean server and then configuration is made depending on server setup. You will never be tied to only server size because they stack deployment with every new application. Whenever you move to another cloud so will your application. When it comes to applications choices, Company has catalog of more than 100 applications that can be automatically configured. Some mouse clicks and Cloud Applications will start working. For keeping and maintaining your applications, web management control has tools for monitoring, scaling, back-up copies, upgrades and restoration.

Developers can take full advantage of controlling and simple deployment on platforms of many development languages. Standingcloud is working with 15 leading cloud providers. Prices as little as 14.95USD per month. Payments are based on actual usage so there are no hidden cost or surcharges. Choose any of 15 cloud suppliers and configurator will show exact amount to be paid. Except for hosting price, there is charge for service part that goes to Standingcloud for providing services. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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