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Review of, Yahoo hosting for small business.

It takes by a little surprise when you hear that Yahoo is engaged in Web hosting business. Yahoo is one of the largest search engines in the internet now turning into Hosting services. Yahoo must have felt that it can make it better here. There is no doubt about it because companies of such size should have world best and largest infrastructure of any means, whether it is Data center or communication channels or servers or cloud computing or any type of equipment that holds the image of Yahoo. Yahoo is capable of handling requests of endless number of people from all over the earth which is no other hosting competitor can afford or imagine.

Web Hosting site aimed at small business was placed in one of Yahoo sub-domains. Plan for web Hosting start with immediate 25 percent discount for the first three month of 12 and 3 months subscription, and price is lifted back to regular price in the following months. No setup fees associated with every plan. The longer is the contract period the lower is the price. You can subscribe even for one month for a little pricy cost of 12.95USD. Merchant plans start at 29.96USD per month and later go back up to 39.95USD. What are they missing here is the plan for Dedicated servers. The reason behind might be corporate security concerns related to potential threats from giving full control over Yahoo servers. Featured tools can facilitate establishing online commerce. You can design a new look of your store by choosing among many templates available here. Hook the site to payment systems to get the money from sales and start processing orders. Measure and track sales trend with reporting and analytic tools.

Separately offered e-mail services for the business will contribute in creating professional image. Two separate packages for one and ten email in-boxes are priced at 2.91USD and 9.95USD per month and billed annually. Promotion of your business online will be taken care by Yahoo himself with 75USD credit for placing customer sites in Yahoo and Bing search engines. As stated in the site, the audience of as much as 159 million people will see the ads with every search results. 9.95USD a year is paid for new domain registration. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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