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Review of, premier registrar and web hosting provider. is very serious company when it comes to security matters. It starts from their own site. Leaving for a while the web site unattended will pop-up session alarm informing that the time is already expired. It is a little annoying for any visitor who come here. Company should see if this much security is really needed especially from perspective of visitor’s frustration from reloading the page again and again. Domain name was chosen perfectly to match the mission. This must have been lucky chance to occupy such name before someone else took it first. Except of the right name the company has rigth values that unite company together under leadership of president and few key people which is main factor in satisfying customer needs by exceeding any expectations. Company designers have 13 years of experience to offer to customers wishing a new web site or renewing of already existing. Core of clients come from small businesses. This is category of customers who are sensitive to pricing and taking it into account is setting prices that are flexible enough to match any kind of budget limitations.
The company is provider of shared hosting and it has other services as well like web site development, issuing variety kinds of certificates and SEO for optimizing web sites in all major search engines. When you sign for Professional Website package with 94.95USD per month, in addition you get free design of your website and marketing services for promoting it online. The price for this kind of package would cost you 500USD anywhere else. Every of Hosting packages were packed with free domain names where basic package starts from 11,95USD per month and includes, surprisingly, a dedicated IP, MySQL, FTP, Email which are usually come with more expensive plans. You will feel comfortable with spacious 5Gb storage. It is enough to hold files of a one big site.
SSL certificates can be selected out of four types. Prices for certificates depend on the number of transactions at your site. Web sites having less than 50 transactions per month can take Essential SSL package for 24USD which is for one year only. For customers who are more concerned about security two other plans have everything to make web site stronger for any numbers of transactions. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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