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Review of powweb.com, unmatched web hosting.

Web commerce is the newest area where more and more of web savvy geeks are recognizing it as the future for selling products online to consumers throughout the world, whom they would never see or meet by any other means than the global network. This has spurred companies like powweb.com to shift efforts to the side of providing solutions for electronic commerce. Even in these days by the opinion of some users, the internet is considered as the place for reading news or finding acquaintances but for others it has become another alternate source of income. Powweb was always sure that every customer stepping on the road of e-commerce keeps in mind that the web site is “mission critical” for running successful business. Powweb for already 13 years is delivering state-of-the-art “load-balanced” hosting platform and has proved the promise of maximum uptime for services by long years of unbeatable service level and continues to be so. They didn’t take ready software but made on their own custom software and automation tool for web site management. Every piece of the whole infrastructure has been erected by company fellow programmers and developers.
Complexity and variety of hosting plans is not what powweb wants to sell to its customers. They combined all of the features into one hosting package called all-in-one hosting solution. It has been packed into easy to catch and affordable in price plan selling for 3,88USD/month. Under this plan the site will run on “Load balanced technology” which was well described with pictures in the other page. This technology is standing above standard solution with single point of failure and instead offers multipath approach for accessing the web site in case if one the server paths should fail. The server itself will have unlimited disk space protected with RAID and as well as unlimited bandwidth. Fantastico is good for script installation but powweb has better tool – Script Instant Installer for easy installation of popular CMS systems.

powweb.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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