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Review of, affordable web hosting services

How fast you create one web site? Well, with some skills and tools under hands maybe at least an hour or so. says it is a matter of few minutes to get a great web site. With a wide range of web site templates coupled with drag and drop capability it takes only 11 minutes for anyone to create one. It doesn’t require special skills in programming and neither does this company from its customers. They are inventors, entrepreneurs, developers, fresh thinkers who have no time and intention to master those skills. Netfirms is taking over control for those people and bringing their ideas online by providing assistance with reliable hosting technology with solid knowledge background. Over 1.2 millions of sites hosted from Netfirms already serving for the purpose of clients. For almost 12 years since starting of the business they always pursue five core values that drive company further on. Whenever someone talks good about them it makes them blush. There is lot of buzz around the company in magazines, newspapers but none of them can spoil Netfirms or let it to relax even for a moment from continuing their commitment to customer satisfaction.
They came up recently with a new low price for web hosting. 4.95 USD/month is almost a half of regular price. Named as “Plus” it comes with a lot of pluses for features and selectable options. It is said to be ideal for personal websites that saves spending and time. The subscription is open for one or two year period. This plan has almost the same number of features that are found other two packages going for 8.95USD and 12.95USD. The only shortcoming is that you can’t host multiple site at the same time and number of databases are limited to 5. Except that you need to purchase separately security certificate for your site.
For complete web site for your e-commerce you can consider E-commerce packages. For 2 year plan it starts at 12.25 per month. It includes Shopsite, 5 free domains, clustered hosting, unlimited amount of diskspace, monthly bandwidth, e-mail accounts and websites to host. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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