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Review of NetDepot, cloud hosting provider

Differentiating between companies reselling hosting and original providers is not difficult. One way of doing is that the latter would show much flexibility in hosting plans and among others have packages for any kind of dedicated hosting. Netdepot stays in hosting industry for already 15 years from 2000 by providing services to small and enterprise level businesses. It has privately owned Data center guarded by armed guys, secured with biometric scanners, watched over from video surveillance and locked with card key access. One more data center was obtained in 2009 to ensure redundancy of hosting solutions at reliability of record level 99.999 percent. As it is said, they have packages for dedicated hosting for any aspiration. Stand alone dedicated hosting itself has three packages.
First is for unmanaged AMD Athlon powered servers priced from 136USD with all tasks left to customer administrator. Intel powered servers valued little more and lowest price is 153USD per month. If you are too busy with your core businesses then next package should be considered. It is manned with the trained and certified experts provided by company where you pay another 100USD for it. Dedicated servers for enterprise level reliability can be contracted for 449USD per month. This package is under service level agreement and guaranteed for 100 percent uptime availability. review.
Cloud services as we have used to know are different here and have been individualized for data storage and server purposes. Cloud storage solution will not let losing of your valuable data. Price for this service is calculated on the basis of gigabyte data which is 30 cents per gigabyte. Cloud Servers managed by VMware Vcenter virtualization coupled with SAN storage are starting from 269USD per month. Two or more of cloud servers can be united into Virtual Private Data center. It is running on vSphere, first in the industry operating system for cloud computing. review. If you get lost in so many plans then go to Netdepot’s specials page and check if they match your budget. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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