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Review of, your trusted web host since 1997.

Hosting experience at is as good as with other companies with lucrative and cheap plans. Following common and latest trend, company has placed introductory media cast from YouTube where cheerful guys are talking in turns about their beloved company. Myhosting is located in Canada and already reached its customers in 170 countries and continues conquering few remaining. There is no doubt about success because of company’s commitment in providing leading hosting services. Along with hosting services myhosting is offering e-mail services at affordable prices. Unlike gmail or hotmail it can be installed and accessed in variety of ways. Web based e-mail is for people who want to check e-mail whenever browser is available. For mobile device users email is facilitated with Active Sync and Direct push features. Desktop user will be provided with free MS outlook license.
Infrastructure is equipped from famous brand manufacturers like DELL, CISCO and VMWARE known for dependability and reliability. It is an extra witness for quality of services from myhosting. Coming back to the main page you will see selected plans for web and VPS hosting and one for hosting exchange. Prices indicated are ground prices and presumably will grow as features become saturated. Personal web hosting has one free exchange e-mail, free domain and free search ads. At this plan for 4.95USD per month you can have also unlimited hosting space, file transfer and Domain registration. Rest of two plans are selling for 9.95USD and 18.95USD. You have to look a little more to see the difference between plans.
If you are intended for more serious things like online commerce then myhosting has solutions it. If you are not good at site design then design services start at 399USD. Then after you can take marketing tools for pushing to top of search engines and effectively manage applications from Moodle, Joomla and WordPress hosting priced at the same 23.45USD.
VPS for Linux hosting starts from 15.95USD while Windows based VPS is 24.95USD per month. Interesting thing is that packages for windows VPS have selection of CPU, RAM, Disk space which are not seen in Linux VPS plans.   Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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