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Review of Mochahost, the online central

Smart founder of this company has realized that even with endless number of hosting providers there is a hole in service solutions. Mochahost – a new company was established and started its own path in hosting business with location in motherland of IT technology, a Silicon Valley.
Delivering quality hosting is not accomplished only by superior computer equipment or fast networks. Sometimes a well trained technician can make a good value out of scarce equipment resources. The opposite can also happen when illiterate staff interferes with normal operations. Mochasoft is aware of these caveats and has a stringent hiring process for selecting of real professional staff. Server administrators are a valuable asset for Mochasoft. Teamed together they won so many Awards that filled up the whole site page. Even CNET himself a technology beacon have recognized this company.
Right these days company says that the prices for hosting plans are under guarantee for lifetime discount. This may be true also for other providers but Mochasoft is one in industry to confirm it openly. Lifetime discount is covering any package that you sign up. The longest term for that is 3 years with shared hosting and shortest is 1 year with dedicated hosting. If you decide to go with this company then your site can be taken further into huge audience with marketing tools and services. For each monthly payment you get free of up to 75USD credits in Google AdWords  and up to 25USD credits of Yahoo sponsored search. Whatever is your plan and contract commitment, services can be cancelled in either 180 or 30 days at no risk. 180 day term is where they will pro-rate unused remaining fees that you paid and 30 days term is where you get all of you money back. Company is backing up dedicated and cloud servers by two separate data centers in Texas. Separate page was created for special discounts and free features. Shared hosting plans come with 30 and 50 percent discounts and 1 free domain for lifetime duration. review. They didn’t miss any single plan that would come without specials. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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