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Review of Layeredtech – compliant provider.

Checking through the company web site, you can only guess how far this company is gone in hosting services. The reason to think that way comes when you look through site, read the content and see company profile. Leadership with positions of Chairman, President and three more important executives all with previous experience in world-known companies now working at Layeredtech. Layeredtech is targeting into small and middle level businesses and as well can handle corporate clients. The company operates in three areas of IT industry – compliant hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and providing managed services.

Main page doesn’t have traditional quotes or deal offers, and instead, stays as being corporate site. Pricing for services will need to be requested upon by clicking quote request. The only data is given for Virtual Machines. Three plans – Small, Medium and Larger for virtual machine services are just for consideration. As you see, power of CPU cores are slashed into percent load beginning from 20% for 50$/month and increasing further to 100% for 150%. This is not the end for CPU horse power and can be scaled up to the whole grid of servers in data centers of Layeredtech which are under tight security control and confidently reliable. Payment for upgrade would add up additional 5$ or 10$ for every cpu core, disk space or RAM during configuration.

Layeredtech has 4 layers of managed services which can be employed depending on IT management tasks of the companies. 1 layer is for basic monitoring, 2 layer for active support when needed, 3 layer aroung the clock services, layer 4 is for hosting with compliance to PCI and HIPAA, ideal for companies requiring higher level of security for system management.

Managed services can bring good value into hosting of dedicated servers. review. Firewall, upgrades, server management and server side options will be taken care at different layers of support. Layeredtech is successfully trying to meet customer needs for compliance, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

Promotion code:
DOC08RAM – Double The RAM on Any Standard Server
DOC08HD – Double The Drive (Add Secondary Drive of Equal or Lesser Value)
DOC08BW – Upgrade BW from 2000GB to 3300GB on Any Standard Server
DOC08RAD – Free RAID upgrade on Any Standard Server
DOC08CP – Free Control Panel on Any Standard Server
DOC08WIN – Free Windows 2003 Standard on Any Standard Server
DOC08RH – Free Redhat Enterprise Standard on Any Standard Server
DOC081/2OT – Half off one time upgrade
DOC0850GB – Free 50GB Dynavol with the Purchase of Any Standard Server
DOC0825% – 25% off first 3 months on Any Standard Server
DOC081/2FM – Free Set Up Plus Half Off the First Month
DOCO82MON – 3 Months FREE with 9 month purchase

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