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Review Kazz hosting – More features, Less price

For recent years, having of the web site by business became an ordinary thing. Any business wishing to prosper needs to be shown in the internet. That is what Kazz hosting is talking about in its web site. Customers will look into website of the company to get an idea of whom they are dealing with. Whether it is a small, medium or large business, they will find hosting plans at Kazz fitting their budget and needs. Hosting plans from this company start from Basic plan and will cost 5.95USD per month for those who are short in funds and 29.95USD per month for companies who are strong on foot. Features such as POP email and Email aliases limited to 5 only in basic plan, but for the rest of 3 plans they are unlimited. Other features in plans when going down from Cpanel to Search Engine Submitter are all available in every plan. Setup for sure is free. Payment can be executed using credit card and will be charged under the name of different site.

Prominent domain names usually have extension ending with dot com. You can have one here. Checking the name is also made at the site. Any name can be registered of course if it is not already taken. The price for dot com is 19 USD per year. You can have for the same price extensions like .org, .net,.biz,.info. You will need to pay more for extensions ending with .tv or .cc which are priced at 58 USD and .us priced at 29USD. Once registered and if paid, domain can exist up 10 years with Kazz hosting.

Kazz has fixed commission for affiliates selling packages in their site. For every site sold they give 30 USD unlike others offering percentage from sales. Hosting packages described above will be sold easily. Because of all of them have free features. Moreover Kazz has placed hosting services on the fastest servers. Signing up as an affiliate can be performed easily right at the site. Progress bar will show 5 steps to go through to complete registration and becoming an affiliate.
Help desk page has interesting Q/A. Someone asks If domain can be changed after purchase, and naturally it cannot. For the questions about payment, Kazz says there are not hidden charges, nor contracts but credit card payment and the payment is monthly based.

kazzhosting.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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