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Review of Small business, rejoice. has a rich portfolio and service offers that it is not so easy to tell what is the main direction of their business. Range of Financial services include special software for managing payrolls, taxes, payments. Intuit believes in the power of the individual who can do more than the perception. Consequence of this was that they have proliferated further from Finance into Web hosting. Unless if you have not interest in finance matters then let’s look at web services section of the site. It is in separate tab in the main page so when clicked opens up additional links to four directions for domain registration, web hosting, designing a website and e-commerce. Here you will find packages that provide many features to your web hosting.
Basic web site will cost you 7.99USD per month with Starter package. It will allow you to have at most 5 pages of web site together with 25 mb of storage. In addition to this package tech. Support that can be rached by phone calls or you can help yourself using online tools available at the web site. If you feel somehow squezed by these limitations then step over to the next package going for 19.99USD per month. Unlike previous plan the number of web pages that you can host will be 100 and includes 25gb of disk space which would be enough for even more pages. They have to be simple pages without heavy graphics or video content. Rich in Media content sites are always consuming much space therefore, requires some extra space. You can get real freedom for your pages with Business plan at a little more price. If you are ready to pay 59.99 per month then you can have as much pages as you can within 10 Gb disk space or share it between 3 site domains which is given along with package.
Creating of the web site is not problem with pre-built templates. They can be always customized by putting text, images and other content.
Then you can turn the web site into online shop. E-commerce packages has solutions that simplify and accelerate starting of web business. 100 kind of products in one shop is a large merchandise and handiling orders is impossible without shopping cart and online payment features. has both of them at low cost price of 34.98 USD per month. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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