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Review of Hosting-Coldfusion- Reliable Cold Fusion Web hosting.

With development of programming languages, it seems soon we may have segregation of hosting solution as much as there will be variety of those languages. Then why not? If some company like Hosting-Coldfusion is taking his own way in hosting services by offering Coldfusion based servers. Coldfusion is not far from other languages for site development. It is also Markup language like HTML but runs on Java virtual machine, Net framework and Google App Engine.

If you somehow been addicted to this language then the company under the same name – Hosting-Coldfusion can host your web pages. They have Shared hosting, Managed hosting and Dedicated hosting all in Coldfusion. Depending on preference, Coldfusion can be chosen from versions 7, 8 or 9. Hosting plans can be leveraged to meet compliance of PCI DSS standard and audited at SAS70. Having much experience in hosting services the company has also programmers who are experts in this language. Friendly staff will listen to every need of the customer and create the web site of the dream.

Hosting plans start from 9.95USD with 2 Gb of disk space, 100Gb of bandwidth counted towards how much of it will be used to visit your site and other standard hosting features. You will not be tied just to Cold Fusion. Servers can accommodate ASP.Net , PHP, Database systems MySQL, MSSQL and MS Access. If you decide to spend another 5USD or 10USD then two more plans are available. Disk space in these plans are triple of previous plan, and bandwidth is twice than before.

For dedicated services go to separate page. Get an accurate quote by selecting requirements on CPU(up to Xeon quad) , memory(up to 8Gb), hard drive(320Gb), bandwidth(up to unlimited) and OS(up to Win 2008). Other options to select include versions for ColdFusion, MSSQL. On the top of it, you can take Daily Backup and Managed Firewall Services.

Hosting-Coldfusion provides good opportunities for resellers. Resellers get discount for already low hosting services, including many other advantages listed on the site. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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