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Hostdeal is company selling hosting plans for everyone who are looking for affordable but superior hosting. Company is selling its hosting services to North American clients for over 10 years and invites to look at why they are number one hosting company in N.A. Live chat or anyone from help desk can guide through plans, prices and benefits that you can get from this well known company. Hosting plans are not so different in features. Three plans posted on the main page have been selected from among others for being attractive in price and having more features.

Basic hosting plan is for personal hosting. It is named personal because it fits into category of clients wishing to have a site for personal use. 1 domain would be enough to host small site. Using of storage has no limitations and you can have you friends or other people to come to your site as many times as they want because bandwidth is also unlimited. Next plan is called “Small Business”. This plan is affordable not only for Businesses but can be taken even for private hosting. Only one dollar per month is separating this plan from previous one. Spare that dollar for this plan and have 10 more domains, 25USD value of Google adwords. No matter of how many domains would really businesses need, “Business” hosting plan will have endless number of that.

Hostdeal has packaged every hosting plan with Cloudflare. It is the way of caching website content worldwide or in other words leaving copies of web site in different locations on the internet. It provides fast loading of it from nearest place directed by routing technology. Cloudflare unlike Cloud hosting is free. With cloudflare your site will be loaded even if your server goes down.
Hostdeal can issue certificates for securing communications. They will be needed to run payments over the internet so private data can be wrapped and encrypted from eyes of bad people. Along with SSL certificate you would need dedicated IP otherwise SSL would be useless. For other questions Hostdeal has support page. Search your topic there or open new ticket at contacts page. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site

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